• The AuReMe general system

    An original solution for a all-in-one workspace.

  • Customized workflow

    Use either a pre-set pipeline or customize your own metabolic network reconstruction workflow with integrated or other tools.

  • Implemented methods

    Five main modules: the PADMet core, the input manager, the user workspace based on Docker technology, the format for storing data and metadata and the included tools.

  • Transparency with metadata

    A whole pool of metadata is associated to the model or its reconstruction and managed by the AuReMe workspace for storage and wiki-visualization.

  • Applied to non-model organisms

    Interest of heterogeneous methods in pathway completion and filling, thanks to tracking of process metadata.

  • Reproducibility

    A tracking system enables to reproduce the exact and complete analysis process automatically, by a simple command sequence.

The DYLISS team has developped an imaginative solution to make genome-scale metabolic network reconstructions to enhance Research...

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